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Meet international student, Stan Rietveld

Stan, from Eindhoven University, Netherlands, arrived on 8 June. As part of his university’s two year Masters programme, he has to complete course work in industry or at another university. On recommendation of his friends he applied at Stellenbosch University.


He joined the Solar Thermal Energy Research Group (STERG), supervised by Professor Craig McGregor of our Division for ThermoFluid Dynamics. Most of Stan’s research is done on the Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) rooftop laboratory project currently undertaken here. Stan’s work entails testing the efficiency of the panels and thermal energy storage (TES) . CSP plants require the use of specific heat transfer fluid (HTF) that is designed to work to the correct temperature for prolonged periods in solar thermal energy applications.


He looks forward to joining the STERG delegation on their visit to the Upington power plants soon.


The Stellenbosch University International office was very helpful in getting Stan here. On arrival he was shown around, and if it was not for a minor administrative glitch today, our admin staff would not have met this great personality. He resides at Concordia Hostel, where he made many friends with especially the international community.


His parents joined him during recess and they visited Namibia and also the Garden Route. He loves Stellenbosch and says that he will be back!


He leaves for Eindhoven in October. We wish Stan well with his Masters!