Stellenbosch University is participating in the Weddell Sea Expedition 2019

This 45-day scientific expedition endeavours to navigate its way through the heavy sea ice, freezing temperatures and harsh weather of this extreme and forbidding environment of the Weddell Sea. An international group of scientists will study the Larsen B and C areas, which are of tremendous interest owing to icebergs that broke off the Larsen ice shelf in recent decades. The engineering team from Stellenbosch University will study full-scale ship responses of the SA Agulhas II polar supply and research vessel with respect to ice loading on the ship hull, propulsion system and human occupants. The Stellenbosch team comprises Christof van Zijl (M.Eng), James-John-Matthee (B.Eng) and Lu Liangliang (PhD, Aalto University, Finland) under the scientific leadership of Prof Annie Bekker.