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Structured Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering in Renewable and Sustainable Energy: MEng Structured

Admission Requirements – MEng

Structured: Students holding one of the following qualifications may be admitted to the MEng programme:

1. BEng

2. HonsBSc

3. Applicable 4-year B degree

4. PDE

To obtain admission to the MEng Structured, students must normally have completed an undergraduate qualification within the prescribed minimum number of years with an average of at least 60 %, calculated over the whole period, as well as an average of at least 60 % in the final year. However, due to the many different grading schemes used internationally, a grade of 60 % from universities other than Stellenbosch will not necessarily imply acceptance.

Approval is also subject to the discretion of the Department.

The Faculty Council may, on the recommendation of the Departmental Chairman, grant admission to the MEng Structured to a prospective student who does not comply with the above requirements, but who has demonstrated in another way that he/she has achieved an equivalent level of competence.

Scope – MEng Structured:

With full-time study, students can complete the MEng Structured in one (1) academic year (spanning over a period from late January to late January), and the maximum time allowed is two (2) years. The minimum time required to complete the MEng Structured on a part-time basis, will depend on the student's own progress. The maximum time allowed for part-time study in this programme is four (4) years.

For the MEng Structured degree, a student must normally complete eight (8) modules of sixteen (16) SAQA credits each and a project.

To view the Programme outline please click here

Please visit the web site of the Centre for Renewable and Sustainable Energy Studies (CRSES) for more information on this programme and the above mentioned modules.

Students may apply to the Postgraduate Admissions Committee for recognition of modules done at other departments or institutions. However, no recognition will be granted for modules done as part of another qualification. The Committee will assess whether each module is considered to be equivalent to a postgraduate module.

The nature of the project (at least 300 hours in duration) must be that of a high level practical application of the postgraduate coursework. Part-time students normally do their project in industry.

Part-time students must have off-campus access to the internet and e-mail. All students have to attend classes, tests and examinations on campus.

For more information relevant to International students, please visit the web site of our International Office.

Block modules are offered at the Sustainability Institute.