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Growing our own timber

“Growing our own timber” – like growing a tree, it cannot be ignored when a deserving, young employee displays significant potential for teaching and research. At M&M we recently took the opportunity to walk-the-talk and appointed a deserving Matthew Meas into a vacant nGap position.


In 2015 the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) implemented the New Generation of Academics Programme (nGap). DHET provides a framework for nGap. This framework includes a comprehensive, transformative approach for the recruitment, development and successful integration of future academics within their existing academic institutions.


Matthew is affiliated to STERG (Solar Thermal Energy Research Group) in the department of Mechanical & Mechatronic Engineering. He completed his Undergrad (2011-2014) and Masters degrees (2015-2017) at UCT before enrolling for his PhD at Stellenbosch University in 2018. Under the supervision of Prof Johan van der Spuy he is well on his way to completing his PhD. His research topic is ‘Mitigating off-design volume flow discrepancies in solar gas turbine systems’. We wish Matthew success with his PhD and research and many happy years as an employee at M&M.


At M&M department we will continue to inspire our future generations of academics with our culture of learning and improvement. Our aim is to, besides appointing people from outside, grow future generations of academics who balance our equity considerations and need.