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Otto flies the M&M flag high!

Otto Scheffler, a PhD candidate and colleague in our department had won a category in the International ITASCA Software competition. We thank Otto for flying the Mechanical & Mechatronic department flag high, and making us proud Maties (Stellenbosch University).


“ITASCA is a company whose combined knowledge and experience extends over thirty years. They consult with Civil, Microseismic evaluations, Hydrogeology and Environment, Mining, Material Processing, Energy and Engineering. The company offers services and software for engineering industries where solutions to problems rely on unique integrated experience in rock behavior processes.”


“Otto participated using work he had done during his Masters”, says Professor Corne Coetzee, his supervisor.


A summary of the work which gained him these excellent results: “The use of DEM to model packaging arrangements during apple transport is illustrated. The presented model can predict the location and extent of bruising on an individual apple. Balls together with the Linear Parallel Bond Model are used to simulate the presence of trays. Apples (modelled using clumps and rendered with their associated .stl surfaces) are generated in an industry standard arrangement. Hereafter, balls are generated using the spherical coordinate system, around the apples, and the Cartesian coordinate system for the tray horizontals and subsequently bonded. Trays are rendered using the parallel bond contact state and represented as cylinders.”


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Otto’s CV