How to Apply

Selection and application procedures

  • Please note there are 2 separate application processes that all potential postgraduate students have to undergo, one with the University (SUNStudent) and one within the Department of Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering after your application is reviewed by the Central Admissions Office.
  • Potential PG Dip in Engineering, MEng Structured Mechanical, MEng Research and PhD candidates must apply electronically to the University first, by completing the ​online form and attaching the relevant documents (as requested on the Application Form) by the closing date. The Department’s postgraduate administrative officer will receive your application via the SU admission section once reviewed.
  • If the prospective student complies with all the admission requirements, he/she will be informed that they are eligible to contact a possible research supervisor (in the case of an MEng Research/PhD). The lists of potential research thesis topics and research project topics are available on the Research Topics and Research Assignment pages respectively for the current year. Topic lists for the following year will be updated towards the end of August annually. Proposed research topics and the availability of support funds will be negotiated and discussed.
  • Students must adhere to the SU closing dates to complete applications.
  • Please note that the Internal Closing dates for Applications as set by the Department will remain as below.
  • Applicants will be duly informed by an official letter and/or e-mail of the success of their applications.
  • Please do not contact any lecturers before being notified that you may do so.
  • Prospective students should note that all academic programmes are offered in person with no off-campus attendance of modules for academic programmes offered.
  • The academic year kicks off with an in-person meeting at a date and time, depending on when the academic year starts. Final accepted applicants will be informed timeously.

International students

International students follow the same application procedures as South African students, except that their academic qualifications will be evaluated by our Postgraduate Office. We have an exceptional Postgraduate Office that helps international students with the more general matters surrounding their coming to South Africa. Please visit their website for more information on our campus and the services of the Postgraduate Office. International applicants will be duly informed via an official letter and/or e-mail of the success of their applications, which can be used for study visa applications.

Closing dates for applications

Our academic year runs from late January to early December, with the first semester from January to June, and the second semester from July to December.

  • Closing dates for South African applicants: 1 December of the preceding year.
  • Closing dates for International applicants: 30 September of the preceding year.

For enquiries, please contact Mrs Lauren Thomas at