Faculty of Engineering steps into “A future towards Hydrogen”

A successful first Stellenbosch University Green Hydrogen Symposium on 19 March at STIAS, highlights the Faculty of Engineering’s commitment towards firmly establishing SU as a leading research-intensive institution.

“Stellenbosch University – Faculty of Engineering held a very successful first Green Hydrogen Symposium on the 19th of March. The symposium facilitated dialogue between academic experts, industry leaders, and postgraduate students in the domain of Green Hydrogen with the aim of promoting knowledge exchange and professional development,”
says Dr Gerrit Ter Haar, postdoctoral researcher and organiser of the event.

The symposium was attended by industry representatives from ENERTRAG and Freeport Saldanha, as well as international collaborators from Imperial College London’s Electrochemical Systems Laboratory.

“Insightful keynote talks by Professor Corne Schutte (Vice-Dean: Research and Industry Liaison) and Prof Craig McGregor (Research Group Director -STERG) kicked off the morning’s presentations. These were followed by presentations by the aforementioned industrial representatives. After a number of engaging academic talks, presentations by Professors Oliver Damm and Jack Fletcher brought the morning to a close. Attendees continued enthusiastic discussions over lunch, exchanging ideas and networking. Poster presentations were held after lunch allowing students to showcase their projects.”

“I would like to express my gratitude to key individuals who made the symposium a success: Professors Jack Fletcher, Craig McGregor, and Miss Farah Loggenberg,” said Ter Haar.

The Stellenbosch University’s Green Hydrogen Research Platform (established in 2023) aims to “establish a Green Hydrogen Engineering Research Platform at Stellenbosch University in line with the university’s vision to be Africa’s leading research-intensive university, globally recognized as excellent, inclusive and innovative, where we advance knowledge in service of society.

Some appreciative comments from researchers who presented at the symposium encourages us to keep our eyes peeled on what follows after this first step.


Arend Moelich – Poster presentation
“The symposium was a great opportunity to meet with industry and research experts. Hydrogen could play a key role in unlocking the potential of South Africa’s abundant renewable energy resources. By discussing the opportunities that exist, as well as challenges that need to be addressed, we can collaborate effectively towards a future that includes Green Hydrogen. It’s an exciting space to be working in!”

Andries Steenkamp – Poster presentation
“My overall experience of the symposium was very positive. Seeing the level at which the hydrogen economy is already being implemented in industry was encouraging. I enjoyed chatting to people working toward the same goal from different angles, especially connecting with the chemical engineering students and staff. The event was also well really well planned and set up, allowing an “interchange of ideas”.”

Chaz Fenner- Oral presentation
“It was a privilege to present at the first SU Green Hydrogen Symposium. There was much to learn about the Hydrogen economy in our country and abroad as there were researchers from different disciplines, universities, and countries. My presentation was titled “MGT research at Stellenbosch University, a future towards Hydrogen”, and focussed on demonstrating why we (M&M at SU) have the capabilities to contribute to the field of Gas Turbines and Combustion using Hydrogen as a fuel. Overall, it was a great day for likeminded individuals to discuss pressing issues and exciting developments in the field of Green Hydrogen and Renewable Energy.”