Preyin Govender presents his research in Lyon, France!

Preyin Govender, a final year PhD Mechanical Engineering candidate (Material Engineering) received an invitation to the World PM 2022 Congress and Exhibition. The conference was held in Lyon, France from 9th-14th October 2022.


A bit nervous about the fact he had never travelled internationally before, he was excited at the amazing opportunity to present his research at an overseas conference.


He prepared an article titled “Influence of Base Plate Coating on LPBF of WC-Co” with co-authors Professor D. Blaine and Professor N.Sacks.


Preyin’s research specializes in material properties and additive manufacturing of WC-Co powder which he says he thoroughly enjoys.


A Matie (Stellenbosch University student) for close to nine years, he did his undergraduate studies and masters studies at Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering. With his studies ending soon this opportunity to travel came at the best time for Preyin.


He says: “I was a bit nervous, but excited more so as this was my first international trip. From the airports to the plane, the travelling experience was amazing, even before I got to France. I was lucky enough to have some free time to do a bit of sightseeing in France. I then used this opportunity to take a small holiday from 15th to 20th October and travel around Italy before I returned. I got to see Florence, as well as the Tuscany area. I visited Pisa and a few of the cathedrals that were breath-taking. I also made a stop in Milan where I took a tour around the city. It was truly a remarkable experience that I am grateful for as it showed me how big the world really is and there is so much that the world can offer.”


Asked about how he will adjust to normalcy after completion of his PhD studies, he says: “Outside of work I enjoy a variety of other activities to balance out the work life. These include mainly socializing with peers, be it physical activities such as sightseeing or just relaxing together at home having a braai. I do enjoy time alone to refocus myself through games and being in nature.”


Academic conferences are where researchers can present their work to big audiences. Researchers come together from across the world. They share and discuss their researched findings and get feedback from reviewers or participants who are in the same field of study. It is here where researchers learn of the latest developments in their study focus area, where they receive critical responses from the audience and where their new ideas can be tested for future research.


We wish Preyin many more globetrotting adventures, especially those motivated by sharing his research worldwide.