In the Spotlight – Ferdi Zietsman

Teamleader and legend in the M&M workshop

The mechanical workshop is an environment of high intensity, buzzing with the sounds and activities of casting, machining, grinding, and drawing. It is here where students rely on the workshop team to teach and demonstrate the practical side of their studies. For metal to be shaped, one needs pressure to forge, bend and twist. It takes a special kind of person to keep a team of very busy technicians happy in the workplace and we are very fortunate to have a teamleader with an even temperament, a man of few words, Mr Ferdi Zietsman.

For especially our students to get to know him better, we asked this legend to give us a look into the part of his life besides work.

“I’m Christo Ferdinand Zietsman, the Chief Technical Officer responsible for running the Mechanical Workshop and overseeing the personnel and machinery of the Mechanical and Mechatronic departments. With 39 years of experience as a qualified fitter and turner, I’m passionate about developing the skills and knowledge of those I work with. I thoroughly enjoy working with people and find it rewarding to help others grow in their roles.

I’m also an animal lover and deeply despise animal cruelty. In my personal life, I’ve been happily married to my loving wife since 1994. We share a strong bond and cherish our time together.

When I’m not working, I love staying active and playing all kinds of sports, but golf holds a special place in my heart. The challenge and relaxation of the game combined with the opportunity to spend time outdoors make it a perfect fit for me.”