PhD candidate, Francois Rozon, publishes a “Feature paper”

Congratulations to our PhD candidate Francois Rozon.

Francois’s paper co-authored by Professors Craig McGregor and Michael Owen, titled ” Long-Term Forecasting Framework for Renewable energy Technologies’ Installed Capacity and Costs for 2050″ was selected as a “Feature Paper” by open access journal Energies, published by MDPI. MDPI’s criteria for selection means that the paper represents the most advanced research with significant potential for high impact in the field. It is an original article that provides an outlook for future research direction.  Feature papers are submitted upon the recommendation by the scientific editors, having received positive feedback from the reviewers.

The paper was published in September 2023, in Energies, an international, peer-reviewed, open access journal on all aspects of scientific research, technology development, engineering policy, and management studies related to the general field of energy systems. In the 2 months since publication, it has been viewed over 600 times and has already been cited. This was Francois’ first article based on a novel data-driven forecasting approach necessary to determine trends for established and emerging renewable energy technologies. Francois has successfully published a second article in November in the Elsevier’s Solar Compass journal titled “Techno-economic analyses of solar thermal process heat integration at South African beverage producers”.